"I came into this world, in order to state, that it is not like it appears".

In memory of the most ingenious philosopher and scientist of this world:
Albert Einstein.

Considerations from a logically scientific opinion :                        >>>Look down:  World population clock

Who is God?   (In memory of Prof.Hoimar v. Ditfurth, Feb.2001)

The world is different, than we see it!  (We have only 5 senses, but there is more, Feb.2001)

Who is God? Part 2   (Stimulated by Stephen Hawking, Sept.2004)

     Who is God ? Part 3 - The Answer   ( Conclusion from the latest
scientific knowledge by Stephen Hawking's "The Grand Design", Nov.2013)

Neu >>>         Who is God ? Part 4 - Consequences of a creator's non-existence 
( Conclusion from quantum mechanical knoweledge and the final answer, Feb.2020)

Remarkes to the Book "Does God exist?" by Hans Küng
( The tried answer to the God question of Küng is difficult to understand, Dec.2006 )

     Praying in a double-blind trial   
( A study in the U.S. examined the effect of praying in a disease process, Feb.2014)

Also a Pope may be wrong!   (Words and behavior of the Pope contradict themselves, Feb.2001)
(Here I speak from pope 'Johannes Paul II', who have died in April 2005-
appendix in addition see below "Statistic facts of the world population")

Pope Benedikt XVI. - The beginning of the end of catholicism?  
( The true Benedikt on his oversea trip to Brazil 2007, June 2007 )

     Sleazy stories from the Bible.  
( Very lewd, brutal reports from the Old Testament, April 2014)

     Without religion, there would be fewer wars!  
( Current and past examples, April 2014)

     The internet, at the moment the end of an information evolution.  
( The development of the genetic evolution leads to the information evolution, Nov.2008 )

     Computers and Humans.  
( A comparison of computers and humans, Nov.2008 )


Scientific bases:   Small introduction to the theory of relativity (Feb.2001)

Appendix to "Also the Pope may be wrong!" :  Statistic facts of the world population (Oct.2006)

>> >    In this minute there live   people on our world.    <<<
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