Without religion, there would be fewer wars!

From diploma mathematician Ulrich Meyer, St.Goar, April 2014
Inspired by the book "The God Delusion" of Richard Dawkins.
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This is a translation from German language and therefore it may be not perfect.

An easily comprehensible knowledge. Here are some examples:

See current and past wars, the cause of which are religious conflicts:

Northern Ireland, Kosovo, the Balkans, Palestine, Sudan, Nigeria, Rwanda, Iraq, Indian subcontinent (see below), Afghanistan, the persecution of Christians of antiquity, the wars of expansion of Islam in the 8th century, the Crusades and the Albigensian wars of the Middle Ages, the religious wars in the 16th and 17th century, the wars of Religion (1562-1598) of France and the German Empire of the Smalcald war (1546-1547), the revolt of the Protestant princes (1552) and the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), First and Second Kappel War and Sonderbundskrieg in Switzerland, etc .....

Note to a particular example:

In the division of the Indian subcontinent more than one million people died in religious conflicts. For this purpose, from the article "As always, religion is the poison in the blood of India" by Salman Rushdie:
"What is there to respect it still, or to all the crimes that are committed around the world in the dreaded name of religion almost daily today? How good and what deadly consequences established religion of their monuments, and how glad we are ready for them to murder! And when we have done it often enough, makes the killing of compassion that goes with it, a repeat always easier.
So turns out to be India's problem as the problem of the world. What happened in India has happened in God's name. The problem has a name:  God"

Faith is the basis of terrorism and religion. In contrast to knowledge, which is based on the science that examines the causes and consequences and searches for the true truth.
Islamic terrorists believe, that by their martyr-suicide bombings they will come to paradise and represses therefore the real facts. According to their aim they cannot verify after their doing, if they have come to their destination.

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