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The number of humans on our earth amounts now to . . . .

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Historical and future datas from the population of world
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World Population in billion

Prospect for the future under the condition the fertility of a woman remains on the today's level:
Year World Population in billion
                      296 !!!

Prospect for the future under the condition the average fertility of a woman amounts to 2.5 children:
Year World Population in billion

How many humans have place on the earth? 

With an appropriate, modest life-style humans need 2 - 3 hectar habitat. The earth has altogether a surface of ecologically productive country world-wide from approximately 9 billion hectar. Under these conditions the number of people which have place on earth will be 3 to maximally 4.5 billion. With the today's more than 6 billion humans each person has room to live only less than 1.5 hectars.
By the present conditions this life area between the different countries (industrie and developing countries) is unevenly distributed. The energy consumption is converted into the land surface that people need for it. This “ecological footprint” of humans amounts to an average standard of living is in the year 2008 in India 0.9 hectars, in China 2.1 hectars, with a European level 4-5.3 hectars and with the USA prosperity 9.4 hectars. Thereby you must remember that India and China the most populous countries have an enormous growing of living standard.
(To compare here the facts
       of the year 1999: India 0.4 hectars, Europe 3-4 hectars and the USA 5.1 hectars;
and of the year 2002: India 0.7 hectars, China 1.6 hectars, Europe 4.7 hectars and the USA 9.7 hectars ).

These facts show clearly, a further growth of the population of our world on the today's level (296 billion humans in the year 2150, see above) leads inevitably into a disaster. Only with an intensified family planning (in particular with the pill) a rapid lowering of the growth rates is possible. In many parts of the earth a large uncovered demand for family planning exists. ("The pill is the best pill.")
The attitude of the catholic church in addition is surely no help. It is rather the opposite   (See: "Also a Pope may be wrong !"). and "Pope Benedikt XVI. - The beginning of the end of catholicism?").

Note from 27.02.2007:
The discussion of the climatic change in the last time you must also see with a view to the world population. Because the increased CO2 emission stands in direct correlation to the population of the world, since it is produced by us humans.

Since you regard this page,     humans were added on our earth.

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