The internet, at the moment the end of an information evolution.

Considerations of Diploma mathematician Ulrich Meyer  , St.Goar, Nov. 2008                                                           Homepage Ulrich Meyer in Deutsch

The development of the genetic evolution leads to the information evolution.

This is a translation from German language and therefore it may be not perfect.

The word evolution comes from the Latin word "evolvere", which means "roll out", "develop" or "run out". We people are the result of a genetic evolution. After the origin of the earth from the Big Bang there was on the earth a "primordial soup". This was an aqueous solution of inorganic molecules, such as carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. By energy in form of flashes and radiation in this primordial soup first small organic molecules, the amino acids, were created. These are the basics of life on our earth and the first cells were emerged. The reproduction of this first living was based on copying and transforming the genetic code, ie the building plan. This copying of the genetic code was not perfect and there occurs small errors because of external influences such as energy radiation. Thus, the new cells after cell division are not necessarily exact copies of origin. When these new cells are slightly altered some have better chance to live and some not in their environment. This so-called mutation leads to the selection and by the further reproduction the fittest cells survive better. With the time there come higher life forms which lived only in water and then amphibians were developed which lives in the water and on dry earth. And the game went on. The multiple forms of living increases up to us human beeings. This is the sequence of genetic evolution. This principle will be briefly summarized. By the genetic reproduction small errors occured by the copying of the genetic code and this results to diverse species of living organisms. The species with better chance in their environment can better develop. The other species may die out. The best result is the most developed form of life on earth, the humans. These developed the language for exchanging informations. The first people had by this an advantage compared to animals, for example, because they were able to tell to another, where and how to find better food. Thus they were superior to the animals. Better information always gives an advantage. The first humans evolved forward and they invented the writing. First primitive writings as cuneiform and node scripture until later there come the various letters and writings. Thus it was possible to transport information and save it to the later world. This was a huge step forward. The outlay for the hand writings was then made easier by the printing. But the exchange of information was further enhanced by radio and telephone. And it went on to television and handys. The current end and peak of exchanging informations is now the Internet. Around the world in almost immediate time information can be exchanged in words and pictures. This has now as all developments good and bad sides. But the good sides outweighs so that for the internet there is no danger of extinction. In the development of the internet, there are some parallels with the genetic evolution, in which the stronger forms of life prevail toward the weaker. For example, the television win against books and the handy against the phone. Also the Internet wins over the television and the telephone. The further development is of course difficult to predict. One possibility is a much better internet supply via mobile phone.

March 2010