The world is different, than we see it !

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This is a translation from German language and therefore it may be not perfect.

  The consciousness of humans is stamped in the course of his life mainly by the five senses - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting (Note  [1]) - (see  Who is God ? 1. ). Thereby develops itself a certain egoism by which the person is affected in his thinking way mainly by these feelings. Besides, our world is very more various. If we see a colored picture or photo, we mean, that is the true reality. Our optic nerves reacts only to the visible light in the wavelength from 380 to 800 nm. Some insects have eyes, for which UV-rays (ultraviolet light <  380 Nm) are visible. They see therefore another picture of the world than we. With so-called warmth picture-cameras we can make infrared photographies, which shows quite different reality, namely a warmth image.

wall wall  wall_wi wall as warms image

  Albert Einstein showed us with his theory of relativity that in the universe times and lengths can be differently relative to the starting point of the view. On earth this appears to us as a magic, but with movements in the order of magnitude of the speed of light this occurs. Our consciousness was limited here by the evolution process on the necessary for survival here on the earth. For this a sensivity for the speed of light is completely unnecessary.
  How do our senses actually function ? An attraction meets a sensor (attraction recipient), e.g. a ray of light comes to an optic nerve in the eye or an acoustic wave lets swing the eardrum. This information is passed on over nerves to the brain and there it is processed, i.e. it is compared with well-known stored informations or registered as new data.
  The scientific progress has developed us. With measuring instruments we 'translate' dates from the universe or atomic area into a form, which our human senses then can receive. They come thereby into our brain, where they are also processed. If the science already found an explanation and formulas for these dates, which describe the circumstances logically, we can make ourselves also a mental picture of the phenomena, which our eyes cannot see directly.
  The understanding extends so our limited admission property of the senses.

  We summarize again. In the course of the evolution our senses developed. Therefore, they are aimed on our life and survival on the earth's surface. By the development of our understandings people created instruments (e.g., telescopes and microscopes) with which they can look outside of the horizon of their senses. About our "old" senses these dates found the way in our brain. Then a scientifically trained human can create from these a picture with the help of physics and mathematics. Phenomena as timedilatation (time stretch), length contraction, curved space and black holes become reality and can also be felt so. This intellectual advancement is such a new mental eye.

Notes :
[1] : Today still other senses are assigned to persons, as for example sense of balance, space sense and time sense.  We remain here with old known five senses.     [back]

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