Computers and Humans

Considerations of Diploma mathematician Ulrich Meyer, St.Goar, Nov. 2008                           Homepage Ulrich Meyer in Deutsch

A comparison of computers and humans.

This is a translation from German language and therefore it may be not perfect.

The computer determines our everyday live more and more.Yet he is not very old. Why he is so successful?
In principle this is quite simply, because he is very similar to humans and therefore he can replace them sometimes.

Let us look the building of a computer and compare this to human analogs:

    Computer                                                           Human

1. Datas:
    CPU (Central processing unit)                                                neurons with their network in the brain

2. Function control:
    BIOS (Basic Input Output System)                                         brain stem
    Operating system                                                                   other brain regions

3. Erasable memory:
    RAM Speicher                                                                      short-term memory

4. Lasting memory:
    Harddisk                                                                              long-term memory

5. I/O units (In-Output units):
Input: keyboard, mouse, scanner, webcam .....                       Input: eyes, nose, ears, tongue, finger ...
    Output: monitor, printer, speakers .....                                   Output: mouth, arms, hands, legs ....

6. Energy supply:
    AC/DC adapter with cables                                                   heart with circulation

You can see the great parallelism. This allows the computer to take over a lot of human duties and he can sometimes replace him. This can be extended by connecting with other machines. But one thing he doesn't has. This is the creativity, the ability of creative thinking and acting. But perhaps this is also in progress. This however could be very dangerous.

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